We understand the importance of personal information and will protect it as per our Privacy Policy below;

1.個人情報の取得について Acquisition of personal information
 We will obtain personal information in the appropriate way.

2.個人情報の利用について Use of personal information
 We will use personal information as necessary to conduct business for the purposes indicated at the time of acquiring personal information.

 We will jointly use personal information with trusted third parties we have researched and we will oversee their proper use thereof.

3.個人情報の第三者提供について Provision of personal information to third parties
 Without the consent of the person providing personal information, we will not disclose personal information to third parties except as required by law.

4.個人情報の管理について Management of personal information
 We will maintain the original accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.

 To prevent loss, destruction, falsification or leakage, etc., of personal information, we will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access or computer viruses.

 We will not allow leakage of personal information.

5.個人情報の開示・訂正・利用停止・消去について Personal information disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion
 We will respond promptly without objection in case the person who requires and has the right to seek, disclose, correct, suspend use or delete personal information.

6.組織・体制 Personal information
 We will appoint a personal information manager and strive to manage personal information properly.

 We will train our managing officers and employees on how to manage and protect personal information in daily operations.

 Maintaining, Improving the formulation and implementation of compliance programs for protection of personal information
 (本方針、『個人情報保護規定』及び その他の規定、規則を含む)を策定し、
 In order to implement this policy, we will maintain a personal information protection compliance program (this policy and the other provisions of regulations including “personal information protection provisions”) with our employees and other persons who may be concerned and we will continuously strive to improve this program and policy.

2024年2月制定 Cainon,Inc